Nottingham’s National Justice Museum



If you’re looking for a day out with a bit of a dark twist then you’ll definitely enjoy the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. Located in the Lace Market inside a county gaol the museum features exhibitions about crime and capitol punishment, prison cells, dungeons, courtyards and a magnificent court room. Despite the dark setting, we spent an enjoyable few hours here exploring the museum.

When we first walked in there was an interactive pop up exhibition all about the different types of crime and examples from history. We even got to sit in the same dock that the Krays were sentenced in! The museum itself was a bit like a maze with cells, dungeons and historical characters abundant. Staff were dressed up in character of various prison inmates. They were very helpful in giving more information about the prison and the types of living conditions that inmates would have had.

There was also an exhibition on capital punishment and a grim example of an executioners box! We ended our trip with a look around the large courtroom. I sat in the judges box but resisted putting on the wig …

I would definitely recommend a visit to the National Justice Museum as you can easily spend hours here. When purchasing a ticket you can also get entry to Nottingham’s City of Caves if you wish. We didn’t have time to look round the caves but I think it’s definitely top of the list for when we’re next in the area!


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