Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

I have the good fortune of living in a village surrounded by beautiful woodlands. Walking from Binley Woods to Brandon Marsh on a sunny day is enough to make anyone feel at peace. You can go straight through the woods and come out the other side to a beautiful nature reserve.

The walk is only half an hour there and half an hour back so it’s not too strenuous of an activity on a Sunday afternoon. We visited the quaint Badgers Tearoom and had a quick lunch. The tearoom has fantastic food at affordable prices (I had a delicious tuna and cucumber baguette with salad and coleslaw for £3.95). I was watched by a tiny rabbit sat in the sun just outside the tearoom window.

I would definitely recommend Brandon Marsh as a family day out. It has 220 acres and is part of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. You do have to pay a small price to walk around the nature reserve and they offer a price for families too. However if you just want to go and take a look round the gift shop (which has some lovely little cards, toys and presents) you can do so without paying.

You could easily spend a day here if you wished, just try and go when the weather’s good!


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