Ahh… amusement arcades, ice creams on the beach, and sand everywhere… what could be better than an Easter break in good old Skeggy? Yes, admittedly, Skegness does not have the classiest of reputations yet my boyfriend and I enjoyed a short Easter break in the tiny village of Anderby near Skegness (it has a population of 335).

We also stole his grandparents caravan for 4 days which turned out to be the perfect base for exploring, and of course, drinking. The windy walk on the beach. It had to be done. Clutching our ice creams with great joy we braved the walk back from Huttoft fighting to get a foothold in the sand. Staring out to sea must be one of the favourite past times of us holiday makers and it certainly resulted in a feeling of calm watching the waves roll over the beach. Although Adam tried to befriend a herd of cows that didn’t look too happy they’d been disturbed…


You must make a visit to The Creek Tavern in Anderby. With great food and drink prices, a pool table, beer garden, and the friendliest owners you will ever meet, many an afternoon/evening can be passed here. They also do a traditional Sunday carvery if you’re craving a good, hearty meal.

I would recommend travelling to Skegness for the day as it’s only a 20 minute car journey away. We paid a visit to the Skegness Aquarium which featured an octopus feeding talk and a shark feeding demonstration. If you’re not prepared to be excited over a sunken pirate ship and a hunt for treasure then you should probably give the aquarium a miss… Perhaps you’d prefer the many amusement arcades of Skegness instead. I forgot just how addictive the 2p slot machines can be and we finally walked away having won a tiny Pikachu that’s probably worth about 2p itself!

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life for an affordable sea side break then I would definitely recommend some of the villages near to Skegness. There are also multiple caravan sites in the area if you’re looking to establish a more permanent holiday destination in a lovely setting.



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