The Taff Trail

Since I’m currently drowning in university work in my last term it was nice to get out of the city for a day. Eagerly dragging my flatmate along in the sunny weather, our walk along the Taff Trail turned out to be the perfect day break!

The Taff Trail extends all the way from Cardiff Bay to the Brecon Beacons, a whopping distance of 55 miles, along the picturesque River Taff. It’s recommended that if you’re going the whole way on a bike you’ll need one long day to complete the trail… I think our 6/7 mile walk in the direction of Radyr was quite enough for me.

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Starting our walk in Bute Park we were surrounded by people taking advantage of the sunny weather. As we got further out of the city we were able to find some tranquillity from our ever-approaching university deadlines. There’s something to be said for simply taking a long walk in a lovely woodland setting. Ploughing through fields and woodland paths, I felt my spirits instantly lifted by a simple change of scene.

As it was a Sunday walk, by the time we had reached Radyr 2 hours later, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of sniffing out a Sunday roast. As reliably informed by Google Maps, the nearest pub serving a Sunday roast was in Morganstown, a 30 min walk from Radyr train station. I am sure that there was probably a pub in the nearby vicinity but by that time we were too tired to be thinking logically.

We eventually walked through the doors of the friendly family pub, Ty Nant and ordered a mouth watering lamb roast with a white chocolate, raspberry and pistachio cheesecake to finish. The beer garden in this pub is to be thoroughly recommended on a sunny day and has plenty of room for kids to run about in. Not one little bit of guilt was felt as we sat eating cheesecake and drinking cider in the sun after our day’s excursion. I would recommend a walk along the river Taff if you’re looking to escape the city for a day and find a unique bit of nature just on Cardiff’s doorstep.

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Now we just had to find our way to the nearest train station….. (another 20 min walk to Taffs Well but totally worth it:)



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