My week at the BBC…

After completing a weeks work experience at BBC Cymru Wales it’s safe to say that I never knew just how much I could learn in a short amount of time.

The experience very much veered away from the tea making stereotype of work experience and instead I met a fantastic team of people. I was placed within the Network team at BBC Wales Digital and Marketing department. All sorts of work was going on in regards to current drama shows and I was given a key insight into their working environment. What a bunch of friendly people I met! I didn’t expect to feel as welcome as I did and it certainly made me want to stay. Everyone was always willing to lend an ear no matter how busy they were or what meetings they were rushing off to, which was great as I could ask endless questions to the experts in the field and feel like one of the team.

Despite the fact that my working day was only 10:00-4:00 it was exhausting yet extremely rewarding. After completing the necessary safety training I was introduced to the Network team. Immediately I felt as though I was making a valuable contribution to their work with researching and generating ideas for their ongoing projects.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking to work within the media to take the time to fill out an application for the BBC. They offer a week of work experience within various different departments so there will definitely be something to suit what you’re interested in. They also run at different times of the year so if you miss a current opportunity, they will be taking applications for the next round soon enough!

Overall what a fantastic week that has definitely increased my drive to work towards a career in the media!


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