Assassin’s Creed Review

From director Justin Kurzel comes a fast-paced, entertaining film in the form of Assassin’s Creed. I’m not entirely sure what drew me to go and watch a film based upon a video game released in 2007 but I vaguely remember an 11-year old me watching my brother play the game with a certain fascination…

** There are a few spoilers ahead, be warned **

The legend that is Michael Fassbender plays a contemporary assassin, Callum. He is saved from execution on the grounds of murder by a modern day Templar front who are searching for a mysterious apple that contains the genetic code for free will. Callum must relive the memories of his ancestor, Aguilar, from  1492 during the Spanish Inquisition in order to establish the whereabouts of the apple now.

Ariane Labed plays another 15th century high skilled assassin that works alongside Fassbender to retrieve the apple. Her screen play is entirely convincing in her devotion to ‘the Creed’ and her performance stood out for me in the film.

Along with the somewhat complicated plot, Assassin’s Creed also explores the potential of modern day technology. The ‘animus’ is a machine that enables Callum to relive his ancestor’s genetic memories. He is able to see, touch and hear everything from moments back in the Spanish Inquisition. Of course this kind of technology is far fetched yet it makes you wonder just how much may be achieved.

Another element to the film that gives it high credit in my opinion are the energetic fight scenes between assassins and those searching for the apple. Jumping from building to building with their cloaks billowing out behind them, carrying out impossible physical feats and swift weapon play, the film is very much reminiscent of the video game. The iconic image of the hooded assassin standing in darkness on top of a building is not to be missed…

I would recommend Assassin’s Creed as must watch, regardless of your experience of the video game. It is a film that leaves you with both questions and answers, wanting more long after the final credits have played.




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