Twin Lakes “Xtreme Scream Park”

It was a dark night, the night before Halloween. As we stood in the crisp autumnal air, I pulled my scarf tighter around myself for warmth and probably reassurance. Fresh screams permeated the air and ghostly cackles chilled our bones…

Getting into the spirit of Halloween, my boyfriend and I decided to visit the “Xtreme Scream Park” at Twin Lakes in Melton Mowbray. The moment we stepped through the entrance gateway we realised what we had gotten ourselves into. Surrounded by zombies, clowns, and lunatics wielding chainsaws, I clutched onto my boyfriend and made my way into the park thinking; why did we pay for this?

Twin Lakes is normally a children’s theme park filled with cute farmyard animals and climbing frames. It had been transformed into a horror fest which fit the description of “officially the best scream park in the UK.”

As I found myself in the queue for “The Hunted,” notoriously known as “the one where they put hoods over your heads” the panic began to set it. Putting on a brave face, we powered through and found ourselves in complete darkness following a thin rope around a maze full of screaming, actors scaring us and strange bouncy floors that I still cannot identify. Completely disorientated and wandering around like headless chickens, we absolutely loved it….

Once we overcame the initial horror of the place we were able to walk around mazes filled with clowns, darkness and strange tunnels. There were 6 mazes altogether and I have to say that in our opinion the best (and scariest) was called “Ash Hell Penitentiary” and resulted in us both jumping like little children afraid of the dark. The screaming soon gave way to laughter and the Halloween festival made for a surprisingly enjoyable night!

As well as the mazes filled with your worst nightmares, the park provided a live band and bar area complete with a roaring fire. Apart from the fact that we were constantly looking over our shoulders for the live actors (that played their parts brilliantly, I may add) it was a fantastic Halloween atmosphere and I would definitely recommend paying a visit if you’re up to it! We booked our tickets online and it was definitely worth it for the price.

As the signs repeatedly reminded us at every maze it is definitely “not for those with a weak disposition” … that and the fact that you cannot hit the actors no matter how much they may make you jump.

Sadly, no photography was allowed in the park so I cannot provide you with any visual heads up for what to expect, but the attraction is on throughout the whole month of October- plenty of time to start preparing yourself for next year!


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