Adventures in Bulgaria

I’ve just returned from a week in Bulgaria before the start of university and can share with you my experience of the country. My lovely boyfriend and I (who has repeatedly told me to mention him) stayed in Hotel Marvel in Sunny Beach, situated within a valley. Our hotel was an all inclusive one and we were provided with a junior suite, 3 bars and pool area to chill out in.

The weather during the week was on and off with some really sunny days reaching 30 degrees and others were cold and rainy, including a thunder and lightning storm which we watched from our balcony. The strip along the beach was packed with touristy shops that sold everything from perfume to corn on the cob. I would however warn about the potential for scamming tourists, as the perfume being advertised at 10 lev (approx £4.40) would have been £50/60 in the UK and did not look like genuine brands. The cheapness of the country was great other than that and you could get a beer on the beach for about 2 lev (about 90p)!

Other than taking a walk along the beach strip there were various other activities on offer to us during the week. We ended up in a karaoke bar the first night with people we met at the hotel bar which proved for a different night! I have to mention that I did book a sunset cruise but the transfer bus never turned up to take us there as Thomson had cancelled the excursion at midnight the day before. 😦 We instead spent the night in the hotel bar by the pool and met lots of different people from different places. Other excursions that were on offer to buy were quad bike excursions, Khan’s Tent (a very popular entertainment and dinner night) and various boat parties.

We took a day trip to the old town of Nessebar which was about a 20 minute bus journey away for 1.30 lev (don’t get a taxi- 25 lev). Nessebar is a charming little town with winding cobbled streets that you could wander around forever. It’s great for buying souvenirs that are a little bit different from your classic touristy ones. We enjoyed lunch with a beer overlooking a beautiful sea view.

We didn’t really get to see much of the country outside of Sunny Beach because we only went for a week. From what we did see from the airport to our resort, it was a very rural setting and the houses looked fairly rundown. The views to the ocean on the other side were beautiful however and was a warm welcome after a day’s travelling to get there. I would definitely recommend staying within the holiday resort as you have everything you need there. The friendliness of the locals was on and off but all the prices for everything were fairly cheap, which is always nice on holiday! I would recommend a holiday to Bulgaria for a bit of different culture and setting.


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